Re: Mhonarc Majordomo ?

1998-06-16 18:39:16
On June 16, 1998 at 19:49, Joe Wronkowski wrote:

I have a list that majordomo archives and digest and am currently looking
to implement MHonArc.  I was trying your script from the FAQ however.  I
Again, watch the "your".  This is a list.

keep running into an error.

rogueserver:/var/lib/httpd/cgi-bin# ./
Unmatched right bracket at ./ line 35, at end of line
syntax error at ./ line 35, near "}"
Execution of ./ aborted due to compilation errors.

ooh.  A bug in the program the contributer has in his post that
was included in the FAQ.  Try deleting the last "}" form the program.
It looks like an extra "}" is present.

I also had a question about the $ARCHDIR.  I have my main directory that is
/usr/local/mail/archives and I put my archive directories in there IE
quake2.archive.  Would I just put the main dir.  meaning
/usr/local/mail/archives? Once I get the script working Do I have to
implement a cron job to continue to process the archives.

Since the script is not part of the MHonArc distribution, you
may want to contact the author of the script about usage details.

Is Mhonarc worth implementing with the majordomo.  I just see at as an
easier way to access the archive logs?

I would state that a fair number of users use MHonArc with Majordomo.
Have you looked at Wilma?  There is link to it from the MHonArc
home page.


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