Re: MHonarc majordomo digest ?

1998-06-16 18:31:36
On June 16, 1998 at 18:13, Joe Wronkowski wrote:

I was reading the  Mhonarc FAQ and saw your script and had a question.  I
Who's the "your"?  Remember this is a list.

am currnetly running a digest and archive list and wanted to implement
Mhonarc.  I used your script and did 006 > test to see if it
would convert the file but the test file revealed nothing.  Am I doing
somthing wrong.  Do I have to use the script on each digested letter and
move it to the Mohnarc inbox?  

If you check the FAQ again, you will see the address of the person who
contributed the code.  If you have problems with the code, you may want
to try to contact the original author if you get no useful response
from the list.

If still no luck, it would be helpful to give a *small* snippet of
what a Majordomo digest looks like (not all subscribers of the mhonarc
list, including myself, have used majordomo).  This way we may be
able to provide alternative solutions to your problem.

A suggestion:  If possible, run MHonArc on the original messages.
If I am not mistaken, digests from list server software tend to
strip message headers (which could cripple threading).

Hope this helps,


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