Re: MHonarc majordomo digest ?

1998-06-21 02:13:11

  I recently went looking for a nice way to handle majordomo digests. It
worked will without converting the digest in anyway using a msg
seperator of ">Date: " however, if someone quoted message headers from a
previous message majordomo would mess it up and break it into two

  I went into the list's archive's on the MHonArc home page and found a
bit of perl code which was supposed to help this whole task out.. It
didnt as I found it but this slightly modified bit of perl code does.
I'm running it through the following tcl script.


set files [exec ls /path/to/majordomo/lists/quake-digest.archive/]

foreach i $files {
        exec /MHonArc2.2.0/bin/ <
/path/to/majordomo/lists/quake-digest.archive/$i >

Here is the modified perl script.

$userid = getlogin();
$ii = 0;while (<>) {
  if($printline) {
    $line{$ii} = $_;

    $printline = 1;
    $line{$ii} = "------------------------------";

for($jj = 0; $jj < $ii; $jj++) {
  if(/^------------------------------/, $line{$jj}) {
    if($line{$jj+2} =~ "^Date:") {
     if($line{$jj+3} =~ "^From:") {
              print "-SEPER-\n";
              $jj += 2;
    } else {
      if($line{$jj+2} =~ "^End of") {
  print $line{$jj};

Here is the command line I'm running for mhonarc

/MHonArc2.2.0/bin/mhonarc -main -idxfname index.html -header
/MHonArc2.2.0/template/top.html -footer
/MHonArc2.2.0/template/bottom.html -outdir
/html/ -multipg -treverse -msgsep
"^-SEPER-" -reverse -idxsize 25 /MHonArc2.2.0/bin/digests/*

I hope this helps someone that had the same problem I did. If you would
like to see how our pages look, drag yourself off to this url and check
them out. I love MHonArc :) It was as perfect for this task as majordomo
was for the list server itself.

Cruise - The Daytona Beach Drunk

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