Re: Use of EXCS (was private: MHonArc patch (addition))

1998-06-21 03:40:40
Earl Hood wrote about Use of EXCS (was private: MHonArc patch (addition)):
:On June 19, 1998 at 03:34, Geoff Wing wrote:
:> :And how does this differ from the EXCS resource?
:> Can you specify desired headers with excs?  How complicated do you have to
:> make your regex's to allow
:>     ^x-this-header.*
:>     ^x-another-header.*
:> and otherwise exclude
:>     ^x-.*
:From the EXCS resource page:
:    The EXCS resource allows you to specify what fields should be
:    excluded in the HTML output.
:    Each line of the <EXCS> element specifies a mail header field to
:    exclude in the converted HTML output. Each line is treated as a
:    Perl regular expression (NOTE: the regular expression is already
:    anchored to the begining of the line).
:You may also want to look at FIELDORDER.  FIELDORDER is good if
:you have a specific set of headers you want displayed (regexes not
:Now, for the example you gave, it is a little complicated and the
:resources are not designed well for such cases unless you know your
:Perl regular expresions:
:I have not tested it, but it utilizes Perl's negative look-ahead
:assertion.  Hence, the regex should match any header starting with
:"x-" but not followed by "this-header" or "another-header".

That requires that anyone doing anything out of the ordinary in this area
brush up on perl's extensions to regexp's.  I would suggest having a symmetry
of <EXCS> ... </EXCS>  and <EXCS KEEP> ... </EXCS> (or some such) where 
those defined in keep are matched earlier (as in the patch I sent Earl but
probably noone else has seen).  It adds very little overhead since the
exclusion sub is just made once in  and simplifies things at the
user end.
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