Re: Newbie needs help with NT questions.

1998-06-21 10:28:46
On June 20, 1998 at 22:58, "Christopher P. Lindsey" wrote:

No.  What you have to do is use a POP3 client to download the mail
from the mail server and then pipe the messages to mhonarc.  If
looking for a Perl solution, there is a POP3 module available at
CPAN.  With it, you should be able to automate the task.

Another alternative is to use fetchmail to connect to the POP3
server and pull the messages over to local disk.

I agree that fetchmail is nice (I use it at work -- I am the only one
at work that uses a Unix MUA).  However, I do not think it works under
NT.  The fetchmail home page does not mention anything about an NT
port.  Hence, fetchmail is not an option for the original poster.


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