Newbie needs help with NT questions.

1998-06-19 17:32:49
Hi everyone,
     I'm brand new to the list so I apologize if these questions have been
asked recently.  I couldn't find much help in the FAQ so I thought I'd ask
     First let me explain what I need to do.  We need to find a way to put
e-mail messages into a sortable (by thread, date, author, and possibly
keyword) archive that can be distributed to clients on CD, preferably as an
HTML file.  We already publish all monthly departmental reports to a
website, and that website is then made into a CD.  The website is housed on
an NT workstation running Personal Web Server.  We would like to find a
utility that can run on the same machine without major modifications.  (In
other words, UNIX-based is out, something that requires an SMTP server on
the same machine is out.)
     We've come up with two options.  One is to use a standard corporate
newsgroup (which already exists) and convert the articles into a threaded
HTML page monthly.  The other idea is to take e-mails sent to a certain
address and put them directly into a threaded webpage, which is then
published each month.
     I know MHonArc is designed for e-mail to HTML archiving, which is
exactly what we want.  I guess my real question is, on an NT machine, how
does the e-mail get to MHonArc?  Does it require that mail is sent directly
to the machine (i.e. webmaster(_at_)your(_dot_)domain(_dot_)com)?  (And if so, 
that means
you have to be running an SMTP server on your local machine, right?)  Or
can MHonArc (or another utility) retreive mail from a POP3 server and then
archive it?  Can it extract mail files from a Eudora .mbx file or Netscape
Mail .snm file?
     As for archiving a newsgroup... I spoke to the admin of our NNTP
server and he basically said we'd have to download each mail message onto
the local machine before archiving it.  Does this sound right?  Is there a
way to read directly from the .snm files that Netscape's newsreader
creates?  Or is there another program or utility out there that will
download each article as an individual file?  Also, do the threading
capabilities of MHonArc work the same way with newsgroup articles as they
do with e-mails?  If anyone's done this before on an NT machine and can
help me set it up, please let me know.

Marc Lieberman
The MITRE Corporation
McLean, VA
(703) 883-6905

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