Re: Newbie needs help with NT questions.

1998-06-20 01:13:39
On June 19, 1998 at 17:20, Marc Lieberman wrote:

     I know MHonArc is designed for e-mail to HTML archiving, which is
exactly what we want.  I guess my real question is, on an NT machine, how
does the e-mail get to MHonArc?

Either from standard input or as filename arguments.  The "Quick Start"
section of the documentation goes over the invocation methods of

Does it require that mail is sent directly
to the machine (i.e. webmaster(_at_)your(_dot_)domain(_dot_)com)?  (And if 
so, that means
you have to be running an SMTP server on your local machine, right?)  Or

No.  Actually, MHonArc can care less about how the mail is delivered.
All that is needed is to get the data, by any means, to the machine
that you are going to run mhonarc.

can MHonArc (or another utility) retreive mail from a POP3 server and then
archive it?

No.  What you have to do is use a POP3 client to download the mail
from the mail server and then pipe the messages to mhonarc.  If
looking for a Perl solution, there is a POP3 module available at
CPAN.  With it, you should be able to automate the task.

Can it extract mail files from a Eudora .mbx file or Netscape
Mail .snm file?

Eudora .mbx file can be processed directly.  As for Netscape, the
.snm file is not what you want.  The actual messages are stored in the
files w/o the .snm extensions.  These files are in the UUCP-style
format the mhonarc can process directly.

     As for archiving a newsgroup... I spoke to the admin of our NNTP
server and he basically said we'd have to download each mail message onto
the local machine before archiving it.  Does this sound right?

Probably since your admin does not want you to run general user processes
on the news server.

Is there a
way to read directly from the .snm files that Netscape's newsreader

No.  The .snm files do not actually contain entire message data.  The
files are binary "indexes" for listing the messages available.
Netscape does not store news posts in your local machine unless you
explicitly file the posts into one of your mail folders.

Or is there another program or utility out there that will
download each article as an individual file?

There is a NNTP Perl module at CPAN that can probably do what you
want.  Note, you may need to use the Perl port for Win32 that is
available at CPAN and *not* the activestate/ware port to use this,
and other modules.

Also, do the threading
capabilities of MHonArc work the same way with newsgroup articles as they
do with e-mails?

Normally, newsgroup articles provide better threading.  Most news
post composers set the proper header to allow news readers to easily
detect threads.


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