Controling filenames in MHonArc (was private: Mhonarc-questions)

1998-06-16 19:05:01
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On June 16, 1998 at 13:47, Frode Lorentsen wrote:

We wonder how we can get all files that is automatically created
(maillist.html, mgs*.html,threads.html and 'others') to  to have a dot
('.') in front (as a prefix).

There are resource that control the name of the file created by mhonarc.
Let me see if I can list them all:


I think that is it.  You should be able to set these resources to
get the effect you want.

We also wonder what kind of files that can be created as 'others',  what
names can they have and how is their names decided).

If you are talking about attachments, that is controlled by content
filters.  See the MIMEFILTERS resource for more information, with
attention to the external filter.  Note, if you want "."s before
files it may create, you will need to modify the source for the
external filter:

Hope this helps,


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