1998-06-23 13:07:19
This might have been asked before,
but I didn't find exactly same question
as I browsed through the archive.

What I want to do is to create a multipg index
for the messages, say 100 messages / indexpage
(actually, 2 weeks / page :-)

This master index should have about the following info.

<LINK TO SUBINDEX>June, 1998 - n messages</LINK>
<LINK TO SUBINDEX>May, 1998 - n messages</LINK>

I could create the master index using a external script, 
but it would be more consistent if I could do it using
the <OTHERINDEXES> resource. So - I am looking for
an example on how someone has done this.

Jussi Kallioniemi [jukal(_at_)cyberian(_dot_)org]

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