1998-06-23 15:05:57
On June 24, 1998 at 19:38, Jussi Kallioniemi wrote:

What I want to do is to create a multipg index
for the messages, say 100 messages / indexpage
(actually, 2 weeks / page :-)

MHonArc does not support multipage indexes based upon date.

This master index should have about the following info.

<LINK TO SUBINDEX>June, 1998 - n messages</LINK>
<LINK TO SUBINDEX>May, 1998 - n messages</LINK>

I could create the master index using a external script, 
but it would be more consistent if I could do it using
the <OTHERINDEXES> resource. So - I am looking for
an example on how someone has done this.

OTHERINDEXES is for generating other index types for the given
archive.  It does not apply to multiple archives.

Hence, you will need an external process to create a meta-index for
multiple archives.  The initial index for the mhonarc mailing list
archives is created outside of mhonarc.  I believe Wilma auto-creates
one when using it for Majordomo/Glimpse/MHonArc.


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