please forward to pres. of company

1998-07-06 09:09:38


referred  by/B.T./jsb /6/20/98

Please forward this to the president of the company.

 If you are still interested in good foreign distributors/sales reps/
customers/foreigners looking to buy or finance your business/joint
marketing partners/or foreigners with products they want you
to sell for them in this country, call us!
  We have them ready to go. Imports fine.
Not enough ready business people will just find you on the internet.
These international players are ready to do business now.
 We need to speak to you on the phone regarding open areas.
 We have a list with their phone numbers/fax 
numbers/addresses/contact names.   
 All are English speaking and have internet accounts.
 First time exporters always wanted !

  Best Regards........Susan Miller......Janet Brandt


If you don't call we will presume you are not interested.


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