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1998-07-07 01:26:45

In its June '98 issue Wired magazine calls them "The New Blue Chips of the 
Internet Economy" and if you had bought as few as 1000 shares in one of these 
companies just a few months ago you would have seen big returns on your money 
already.  Many successful high-tech companies of today traded stocks for just a 
few dollars a share a year ago and since then have returned huge percentage 
gains to the savvy investor.

Some examples include:

Yahoo! (YHOO) went from $20 to $129 for a 645% gain.
Sunrise Tech (SNRS) went from 93c to $10.37 for a 1115% gain.
Medimmune (MEDI)  went from $16.50 to $59.25 for a 359% gain.
Excite (XCIT) went from $12.50 to $93 for a 744% gain.
Amer Tech (ATCO) went from $3.31 to $13.25 for a 400% gain.
Coulter Pharm (CLTR)  went from $7.84 to $35.12 for a 447% gain.
Amazon Books (AMZN) went from $8 to $63 for a 787% gain.
Biomatrx (BIOX) went from $16 to $41 for a 256% gain.
Telscape Int  (TSCP)  went from $3.31 to $24.50 for a 740% gain.
Lycos (LCOS) went from $11 to $79 for a 718% gain.
Agribiotech (ABTX) went from $5 to $26.50 for a 530% gain.
K-Tel (KTEL) went from $5 to $78 for a 1560% gain.

Just to mention a few of many - - and remember these companies achieved these 
amazing market gains in less than a year!

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internet and associated areas.

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