Why Are Americans Getting Fatter?

1998-07-13 20:10:54

Are you feeling sluggish right now? Are you eating right but are still gaining 
Are you looking for a food program that will give you energy, make you lose 
weight, strengthen your
body and will not starve your self to death?
If so then please take the time to read these facts and information.

For 20 years now, America has been told that "fat" is bad. That you should eat 
carboydrates and not fat or suffer the weight 
Why is it that now, Americans are fatter then ever before? Why is it that more 
and more people are searching for something 
that really works?

We will tell you why. Forget what you have been told by "experts" and listen to 
It's a very simple concept.
The average person diets consists of high fat and high carbohydrates. The more 
the health consequence person diets consists of 
a high carbohydrate and low fat.
Guess what, there both wrong!

In both of the above lifestyles they are telling there body, the minute I eat 
fat, store it and save it for emergencies.
All this is a defense mechanism for your body, the reality is the less fat you 
eat the more your body will want to pack it on and 
store it!!
Don't fight your body, give it what it needs! Once you shift you body over to a 
fat burning diet, you wont burn carbohydrates 
like before you will burn fat! Fat will become like sugar to your body!
This is a proven diet, world class athletes, body builders and everyday people 
like you and me use it.

We use it and we have never felt better. We don't need to take naps to feel 
good now, no more bloating after a meal, great 
looking skin and a healthy looking presence.

If this interests you, then please email us at:    
Please ask questions or ask for our booklet that goes through the diet with 
you, shows you "fat burning" meals, gives you facts and answers 
This booklet is only 14.95! 

Thank you for your time.
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