Quirk and Questions

1998-07-22 14:52:13

I just recently became convert to MHonArc-ism.  What a great program!!! 
I've noticed a couple of quirks that I wanted to point out as potential 
bugs/solutions and have some of questions as well.

I'm using MHonArc 2.2.0 under WinNT 4.0 with Perl 5.003_07.  I have 
patched the times lines with the eval {..}; fix.  However, I 
found that the "times not implemented" message would occationtially 
show up again. These seemed to be caused by a couple of different 
things (at least the message went away afterwards).

The first time I saw this was when I had an OTHERINDEXES resource file 
that had a <TIDXFNAME> but no matching </TIDXFNAME>.  The second time I 
saw it was when I was doing a -editidx run and the -outdir was not 
pointing to the document directory.  So, if your getting the "times not 
implemented" message, check your syntax!

A quick look at the code seemed to indicate that the "times" lines could
be moved into the if ( $TIME ) { block below it without effecting the 
MHonArc operation.  Is this another valid fix/improved fix for this 
problem or would it break the code?

Also, I do not seem to be able to generate a reverse thread index via a 
normal -archive or -add run.  The reverse thread is the same as the 
forward thread.  I have to do a -editidx run to get a properly ordered 
reverse thread index.  Is this normal, a problem with my .rc files, or 

Finally, does MHonArc have a $???$ variable that contains the name of 
the SOURCE file being used for the message content?  I would like to be 
able to set up a link back to an original source.  I can do this by 
generating the archive via a series of -add commands that have a 
-definevar statement on them but it is MUCH slower than a bulk -archive 
create.  Also, the -editidx fix for creating a reverse thread index 
breaks this when the msg files are re-written.


Greg Monroe                                E-mail: 
Center for Innovation in Global            Voice:  (919)660-7746 
   Business Education (CIGBE)              Fax:    (919)684-2818
Duke's Fuqua School of Business

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