Re: <DEFINEDERIVED> & body of msg ? (2)

1998-07-22 23:22:28
On July 20, 1998 at 16:25, Werner Teeling wrote:

Oh... you wrote on the list :
DEFINEDERIVED allws you to defining extra files to create for each
message, and you can utilize resource variables to put data there (see
the frames.rc example that comes with the distribution).
Unfortunately, what you want requires code changes since you cannot
place the main header and body text whereever you like.  It has to do
with legacy versions and older archives.  If your archives were
originally created with the latest version, support this kind of
feature is possible.

... but this means that it's still not possible to localize
headers by using your own language in pseadoheaders, dutch in my case,
and have a page with original message, right ?

Actual message data cannot be localized.  It is shown in whatever
character set and language the sender used.

As for pseudo headers, there are limitation, and the FAQ covers

Any text you create with resources can be in whatever language you
choose.  However, when you refer to actual message data, that is in
whatever language the message data is in (note I am glossing over
character sets and languages since they are separate things).

There are users that have set resources to provide everything in
Spanish, French, and other languages.  Since you cannot change the
message field name text in processed headers, those will always show up
in English (due to the nature of email).  However, you can suppress the
certain (or all) message headers and create a pseudo header.  Example
using a bogus language (pig-latin):

        ubjectsay: $SUBJECTNA$
        romfay: $FROM$
        ateday: $DATE$

If you put this as part of the SUBJECTHEADER resource (or other if you
want to change it later), set EXCS to exclude the fields in the
converted messages, and set the various message header formatting
resources properly, you can make it look like that the above appears
right with other header fields you decide not to exclude (like
References:  for example).

Hope this helps,


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