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1998-07-25 17:39:07
To the General Public,

I contacted you Fri. 7/24/98 at approx. 11:00pm PST. (Art Bell Broadcast)  I
didn?t expect I?d be on the air.  Here is a short summary of the current
status of the project.  Verifiable transcripts will be made available to you
pertaining to ?Press Release? and  ?Mission Statement? of the project at your

I'm a scientist who wants to deliver a technological process for the
development of an advanced early warning system. This will be the first time a
disclosure for a patent will be discussed in an open forum. Sponsorship is
needed to develop prototype for NASA Ames Research Institute.

Current Project Status:
(Excerpt taken from 7/24/98 Lab Journal)
7/24/98 @ 4:05pm
Contact made to Oracle Corp.  Marylin (Temp. Exec.) @ (650) 506-8253 about
possible sponsorship in development of process.  Waiting for contact from
Dave.  Supposed Dir. or CEO/Exec. for Oracle Corp. Anticipating call to come
in within next hour. End.

Before this contact I tried to get Fourmilab?s contact # in reference to Solar
System Live.  After extensive searching, no contact # could be found.  In one
of Fourmilabs pages a reference was made to Patents and Oracle?s name was
mentioned as a leading software manufacturer.  Oracle seems to be a industry
leader according to John Walker (CEO) of InfoCorp. (Fourmilab).  Because of
this statement, Oracle was searched for through NetFind (AOL) and a contact #
was located.  End.

4:35pm  No Response.
5:15pm  No Response.

Sir.  This is but a fraction of what is involved with trying to get this
project on it?s feet.  I am willing to discuss with you the exact nature of
this project if you are willing to take the chance that this is a legitimate
topic.  I have been researching this project for over 12 years.  It has come
to a point in it?s development to get information out to the public in hopes
to find a sponsor who will consider the true aspects of it?s implications.

In short, This project verifies Catastrophic Geological Events appertaining to
Evolution at a Geological level.  Confirmation of research topics proves this
thesis thus far.

If this is a topic that could be suitable for your program, please don?t
hesitate to contact me via e-mail at joh4968685(_at_)aol(_dot_)com

Joseph Williams / Developer of Millennium Process

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