archive keeps rewriting msg number 0

1998-08-04 17:33:02

hi earl and mhonarc supporters,

i have a problem i need help with:

i'm using an rc file to begin an archive
which will be running of a mail pipe
archiving a list from another server

initially setting up the archive is fine
but every new message that comes through the mail pipe
rewrites itself as the '0' msg
(which in this case is iww-news00000.html)

i even tried this by starting the archive with one message from the mail
pipe, and it still does the same thing, rewriting the '0' msg, but the
index (and mhonarc.db) keeps all of the messages, hyperlinking each one
back to iww-news00000.html

i triple checked both the mail pipe i have setup in /etc/aliases and the
.rc file, and i can't find anything wrong.

the site is at
and i can send both the mail pipe and the .rc file upon request

help! :)


        Jesse Hirsh - jesse(_at_)tao(_dot_)ca -
        P.O. Box 108 Station P Toronto Ont M5S 2S8 Canada
          IWW x346204 |--PGP-->
                   Tao K'o Tao Fei Ch'ang Tao

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