RE: archive keeps rewriting msg number 0

1998-08-04 20:20:14

it wasn't because i didn't use -add
it was becuase i had a hyphen '-' in the msgprefix setting

thanks for the support

On Tue, 4 Aug 1998, Nevel, Simeon wrote:

From:       jesse hirsh[SMTP:jesse(_at_)tao(_dot_)ca]

i'm using an rc file to begin an archive which will be running 
of a mail pipe archiving a list from another server

initially setting up the archive is fine but every new message 
that comes through the mail pipe rewrites itself as the '0' msg
(which in this case is iww-news00000.html)

You need to use the -add switch when you invoke MHonArc,
otherwise the it's behavior will be as you described.


"Adding Messages to an Archive"


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