MHonarc suggestion ( a nicer daybegin)

1998-08-14 17:15:39

I'm working with the DAYBEGIN option, this is an
option to add a date-header on top of messages with the same date.

However, the date format that the user can define
is used for this DAYBEGIN and the date-variable for the messages.

This means....

Di. 07/04/98 (11:03)

        letter for stuttgart digital
        Di. 07/04/98 (11:03)

        Re: info stuttgart
        Di. 07/04/98 (10:15)

        info stuttgart (now digital)
        Di. 07/04/98 (09:45)

        info stuttgart
        Di. 07/04/98 (08:52)

Whereas I would like to see something like

Di. 07/04/98

        letter for stuttgart digital

        Re: info stuttgart

        info stuttgart (now digital)

        info stuttgart

I already did a lot with Javascript, and also managed to do this
with javascript. But anyway....

Werner Teeling
Interaction Designer MA IMM
Utrecht School of the Arts, The Netherlands.

(Yes, I know that MHonArc evolved way beyond it's original goal.)

_ Werner Teeling ____________________________________\/\/____
_ wernert(_at_)dds(_dot_)nl _ PGP avail. _______________________________

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