Re: MHonarc suggestion ( a nicer daybegin)

1998-08-15 01:18:37
On August 14, 1998 at 23:16, Werner Teeling wrote:

Whereas I would like to see something like

Di. 07/04/98
      letter for stuttgart digital
      Re: info stuttgart
      info stuttgart (now digital)
      info stuttgart

This can be done with v2.3 (its in the alpha release).  Here is
an example (formatting is different than what you have, but it can
be changed to get the formatting you want):

%B %d, %y

<LI><A HREF="$TIDXFNAME$">Thread Index</A></LI>
<table border=0>

<tr><td colspan=4><strong>$MSGLOCALDATE$</strong></td></tr>



<tr valign=top>


The key part is "$MSGLOCALDATE(CUR;%H:%M)$".


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