directory structure for large lists...

1998-08-20 08:03:09


        I'm using MHonarc here to provide a nice, clean front end for
those wishing to check the PostgreSQL archives.  I don't know if our lists
are considered to be "large" compared to what other ppl are running, but I
think there is one 'flaw' in MHonarc's design that has been brought up
several times, in several different ways, but that I've never seen a
complete answer for.

        Namely, one of my lists currently have 18,000 little html files
sitting in one directory.

        Now, I work with INN, and one of the "performance" issues that
comes up repeatedly is too many files under one directory degrades

        Now, I've gone through the archives (still wading through them, so
I may have missed something, of course), and I see references to wilma and
how it will provide an 'index.html' front end that divides things up by
month.  Great for the end-users looking at it, but, and unless I'm missing
something, this does nothing for the backend...we still have one great big

        What would it take (and maybe this is already "on the drawing
board"?) to have a directive that, at the very least, would allow mhonarc
to auto-subtree the archives by yyyy-mm, so that the top level would only
have the mail.html and thrd.html files, pointing to yyyy-mm/######.html

        The hard part, as I can see it, is to cross-link articles across
months/years, but I don't imagine the rest would be that it?  Or
is this already available and I'm just blind?

        I'm going back to dive into the list archives to see if maybe I've
missed something, but suggestions and/or examples for how to accomplish
this (if possible) would be appreciated...

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