Re: directory structure for large lists...

1998-08-20 11:14:49

The Hermit Hacker writes:
-       Now, I've gone through the archives (still wading through them, so
- I may have missed something, of course), and I see references to wilma and
- how it will provide an 'index.html' front end that divides things up by
- month.  Great for the end-users looking at it, but, and unless I'm missing
- something, this does nothing for the backend...we still have one great big
- directory.

        What wilma does (at least they way is running here) is
take a mailbox (or set of mailboxes) and convert it to a set of directories,
one for each month (time period??), into which it has mhonarc
html-ize the messages.  

        It then generates a search database (using glimpse) and
when called with the list name as an argument, generates a
parent index for the list.  As an example, my lists are online
at  A good sample list (high traffic!) is
the big-trains list, who's top index can be displayed at, or

-       The hard part, as I can see it, is to cross-link articles across
- months/years, but I don't imagine the rest would be that it?  Or
- is this already available and I'm just blind?

        Wilma doens't provide the cross linking.  I sometimes
wish it did, but I haven't time to mess with it.. :-)

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