Re: Alternative to Glimpse for Wilma

1998-08-20 11:15:41
"JCL" == J C Lawrence <claw(_at_)under(_dot_)engr(_dot_)sgi(_dot_)com> 

JCL> WebGlimpse (which I now use) conversely indexes the pages in advance
JCL> and search queries merely access the index and then cross check the
JCL> source files for matches.

But you've put him back in the same spot.  He said he couldn't use Glimpse,
so webglimpse is useless to him.

Wilma uses Glimpse also, but it understands both the format of monthly
archives generated by majordomo (or anything else that generates monthly
archives in mbox format) and the format of MHonArc messages so you don't
get erroneous search hits in the headers.

 - J<