Re: Alternative to Glimpse for Wilma

1998-08-19 18:09:10
On Wed, 19 Aug 1998, Harry Patterson wrote:

(...) especially with the ability to
create indexes by month with a master index of indexes.
Is there a way to easily accomplish this style of indexing (yymm) and
auto-adding of messages using only Mhonarc? I've found a nice search engine
(htdig) that performs the search well and is free.

You can easily write a "wrapper" around Mhonarc that create a new
subdirectory for each new timeperiod (day, month, year) and put the
messeges in the new directory. I've written such a script that I can

Are there any plans to modify Wilma to use other Free search engines? On
first glance it doesn't look like something I care to tackle with my limited

I found someting called marc-search from Mhonarc's home page, which
searches in Mhonarc archives. I can also search in several directories, at
least on the same level. I seems to work fairly well and was easi to

Mats Dufberg