Re: Alternative to Glimpse for Wilma

1998-08-20 14:09:26

JCL> WebGlimpse (which I now use) conversely indexes the pages in advance
JCL> and search queries merely access the index and then cross check the
JCL> source files for matches.

But you've put him back in the same spot.  He said he couldn't use Glimpse,
so webglimpse is useless to him.

Wilma uses Glimpse also, but it understands both the format of monthly
archives generated by majordomo (or anything else that generates monthly
archives in mbox format) and the format of MHonArc messages so you don't
get erroneous search hits in the headers.

I've gone back and looked at the licensing and it was for the 4.x series of
Glimpse. I downloaded 3.6 (with FreeBSD binaries) and the Copyright does not
specifically say the restrictions that 4.x does. I suppose the correct thing
to do would be to inquire to the Glimpse people to ensure licensing
requirements as "ignorance of the law is no excuse". And, yes WebGlimpse
uses Glimpse.

Forgetting the law for a second, I decided to install Wilma for a test
drive. Although it is not yet fully installed, I have a couple of

1) The Wilma procedure seems to require an archive in mail format as well as
the converted html format. This seems like a waste of disk space to me. Can
this be circumvented?

2) I didn't see where Wilma/Glimpse will automatically add new pages to the
Glimpse search index (not mhonarc index) as I believe HTDIG will allow. The
indexing seems to occur in the cron job on a nightly/periodic basis. Can the
new postings be indexed on the fly in order to keep them current?

3) I may try to use the Wilma package as is but leave out the Glimpse
nightly index and instead use HTDIG for all searching of the directories but
Wilma for the yymm filing system. Any comments?

Thanks for all your help so far.