Re: Alternative to Glimpse for Wilma

1998-08-20 19:43:40
HP> 1) The Wilma procedure seems to require an archive in mail format as
HP> well as the converted html format. This seems like a waste of disk
HP> space to me. Can this be circumvented?

The archive is required during the month that it is current for.  After
that you can delete it.

That's fine. Seeing how the Glimpse indexing is performed nightly I see why
this is done.

HP> 2) I didn't see where Wilma/Glimpse will automatically add new pages to
HP> the Glimpse search index (not mhonarc index) as I believe HTDIG will
HP> allow.

I fail to understand you here.  The index page shows every monthly archive
that Wilma has generated.

Not knowing Glimpse yet, I'm not sure how it works. However, if a search
index (not the mhonarc index) only has to be added to rather than
re-created, the process would seem more efficient. Mhonarc can add on the
fly, why not a search tool? Just a thought.

HP> The indexing seems to occur in the cron job on a nightly/periodic
HP> basis. Can the new postings be indexed on the fly in order to keep them
HP> current?

I guess you could, but it wasn't designed to work that way.  One nightly
reinc/reindex is the way I had it work.  You could up the frequency if you
wanted.  Doing it for every message would be a big waste of resources
(rebuilding Glimpse indices isn't really fast), but that would be your

It certainly would if it did a full rebuild every time.

HP> 3) I may try to use the Wilma package as is but leave out the Glimpse
HP> nightly index and instead use HTDIG for all searching of the
HP> directories but Wilma for the yymm filing system. Any comments?

Feel free, if you want to do the work.  Never having used htdig, I can't
comment on whether or not it makes sense.  I don't think very much of Wilma
sould be of use to you were you to do that, though, but feel free to take
what you want.

It sounds like you don't want Wilma, you want something else that Wilma
reminds you of.  That's fine; we wrote Wilma do handle a specific task
which probably doesn't sync up with too many other peoples' wishes.

I think Wilma looks great (especially monthly directories). It actually
"syncs up" real well with my end goals. You guys have done a great job
putting together a package to meet a necessary goal. I guess my problem
really centers on Glimpse, it's layout, results look, feel and nightly
update process. I will probably start with it so I can move on with my
project. If you ever get bored (yeah right), perhaps you would consider
making Wilma flexible for other FREE search engines like htdig and Excite.
If I get the time (yeah right again) I'll look at it myself and pass on any

Thanks for responding to my picky requests.


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