Alternative to Glimpse for Wilma

1998-08-19 16:10:12
I am a fairly recent user of Mhonarc and really appreciate it's power,
flexibility and ease of integration with Majordomo lists. I've noticed that
the Wilma package adds some flexibility, especially with the ability to
create indexes by month with a master index of indexes. I'd like to take
advantage of this feature, but have since found out that the Glimpse license
is $1000.00. Being a small business, that is very steep for me (even at 1/2
the price).

Is there a way to easily accomplish this style of indexing (yymm) and
auto-adding of messages using only Mhonarc? I've found a nice search engine
(htdig) that performs the search well and is free.

Are there any plans to modify Wilma to use other Free search engines? On
first glance it doesn't look like something I care to tackle with my limited

Thanks in advance for any input and information.


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