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1998-08-27 11:26:05
[Note, do not send HTML messages when there is no need for it.  Or
 or mailer incorrectly marked your message as text/html.]

On August 27, 1998 at 09:44, Dorothy Firsching wrote:

Also, what do you do with messages containing
html formatting?  In particular, I've got some
<div>...... </div>
<div> ..... </div>
These tags then appear in the message body
output and are visible.

MHonArc bases conversion on the content-type setting of entity

This issue has been discussed before on the list.  In sum, if you what
HTML data to be rendered as HTML data, then use the appropriate
content-types.  Otherwise, you will need to write your own MIME filter
to try to detect HTML markup within text/plain messages (a solution
I do not advocate).


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