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1998-08-27 13:42:15
On Thu, 27 Aug 1998 09:44:15 -0400 
Dorothy Firsching<firschng(_at_)nautilus-systems(_dot_)com> wrote:

Also, what do you do with messages containing html formatting?  In
particular, I've got some containing: <html> <div>...... </div>
<div> ..... </div> These tags then appear in the message body output
and are visible.

As they should be.

There are in essence two types of mail: flat text and MIME.  Yuo don't
need to worry about the flat text ones.  MIME mesages may have a
text/html segment in addition to their text/plain segment.  MIME
messages that contain no text/plain segment are broken and should be
deleted by the system before any human knows of their existance.  HTML 
tags occuring in the text/plain segment are obviously intended to be
read as text, and so should be quoted and read as such.  

Note: Consider the problems of discussing HTML format on a mailing
list devoted to HTML...

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