About Mhonarc

1998-08-27 15:34:09

I'm trying to use Mhonarc but I have some doubts.
I have done the following stpes for forward all of my messages to

1.Create a ".forward" file that has just the following in it, in your home

***** Doubt: This directory is where mhonarc was installed? I didn't have
the direcotry filter

2.Create a "filter-rules" file in your ".elm" directory with the line:
if (sender = 'list(_at_)lists(_dot_)acusd(_dot_)edu') then executec 
-add -outdir

3.Make sure that the directory is readable and executable by "other". Type
     chmod o=rx ~/public_html/directory 

Thank You. 
Fernanda Victal Mesquita
Computer Engineering 
Laboratory of Formal Methods (LMF) 
Computer Sciences Departament 
Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio)
Tel.: 55-21-542-1130
Fax:  55-21-512-8045 

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