Re: <BASE> in -single

1998-08-28 10:57:49
On August 27, 1998 at 18:21, "Frank J. Wancho" wrote:

Again, using a webmail interface to pass a message to mhonarc -single,
where the message body is the result of a "Send Page" command in MSIE4,
using MS Outlook Express, any included relative refs become relative to
non-existent locations.

If the <BASE> tag would be used at the front of the generated HTML code and
the relative refs untouched, the intended results (a display of the original
is properly reproduced.

Is it possible get MHonArc to (optionally) generate that <BASE> tag with
the correct contents?

There was a fairly recent discussion about this on this list.  The
issue is getting MHonArc to check Content-Location and Content-Base
header fields.

v2.3 has this check.  An alpha version of v2.3 is available at


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