Re: reproducible URLs

1998-09-02 22:01:28
Now sometimes that results in what was msg00587.html to turn into
msg00560.html. Not a big deal, except that it might leave a dozen
major internet search engines (and my little minor search engine) with
a bad idea of what is where, at least until the pages can be

So, one potential feature for the future might be an option to use
reproducible filenames for messges. Like naming the file after the MD5
checksum of a message, or the message ID, or something else that is
statistically likely to be unique.

I agree with you 100%, and in fact there was a thread about this very
same topic about a month ago on this list.  Because there are so many
broken (read that as non-RFC compliant) MUAs out there, it's difficult
to guarantee that unique Message-Ids will be available in each message.

For this reason I prefer MD5 sums of the message body -- there is
statistically only a 1:18446744073709551616 chance of matching a
false positive.  For anyone interested, I've written some sendmail
8.9.1 patches to add md5sums at the sendmail level (based on the work of
Martin Hamilton) and also have a procmail recipe to do the same.


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