Re: "No new messages", 973 to the contrary

1998-09-16 12:21:58
On September 16, 1998 at 01:13, Morgan Fletcher wrote:

I've got some mbox-style archives of a mailing list that I want to HTMLify
with MHonArc. I've set wilma to periodically do a `mhonarc -add` on the
current raw archive, augmented by procmail. What I'm having a devil of a
time with is the previous month's archive. This is what I see, when trying
to feed it to mhonarc:

  $ mhonarc -add -rcfile lcml.rc -outdir 199808 lcml.199808
  Reading resource file: lcml.rc ...
  Adding messages to 199808
  Reading lcml.199808 
  No new messages

From reading the MHonArc archives, I know that the msgsep is often linked
to the "No new messages" problem. Here's the relevant info from .rc file
I'm using:

  ^From .*  \w{3} \w{3} [ \d]\d

This is probably it.  There was a recent thread on the list about the
same problem using Wilma.  The problem was that the mbox did not have
two consecutive space characters as is required by the MSGSEP being
used.  Try removing the MSGSEP resource and see what MHonArc does.

You may want to check the FAQ about MSGSEP (starts under questions
related to message splitting) for possible MSGSEP alternatives and


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