"No new messages", 973 to the contrary

1998-09-16 04:15:24
I've got some mbox-style archives of a mailing list that I want to HTMLify
with MHonArc. I've set wilma to periodically do a `mhonarc -add` on the
current raw archive, augmented by procmail. What I'm having a devil of a
time with is the previous month's archive. This is what I see, when trying
to feed it to mhonarc:

  $ mhonarc -add -rcfile lcml.rc -outdir 199808 lcml.199808
  Reading resource file: lcml.rc ...
  Adding messages to 199808
  Reading lcml.199808 
  No new messages

As far as I can tell it is a legitimate mbox file, and 
`formail -ds < lcml199808 >` produces no changes. There is
not a Message-Id for each message, although that doesn't seem to be a
problem with the newer archive.

  $ frm lcml.199808 | wc -l
  $ egrep "^From " lcml.199808 | wc -l
  $ egrep -i "^Message-ID:" lcml.199808 | wc -l
  $ frm lcml.199809 | wc -l
  $ egrep "^From " lcml.199809 | wc -l
  $ egrep -i "^message-id:" lcml.199809 | wc -l

Or is that the problem?

The two archives are currently 2026218 and 2407295 bytes in size.

I'm running MHonArc 2.2.0, Perl 5.004_04 on FreeBSD i386 2.2.6. (wilma 1.4)

From reading the MHonArc archives, I know that the msgsep is often linked
to the "No new messages" problem. Here's the relevant info from .rc file
I'm using:

  ^From .*  \w{3} \w{3} [ \d]\d

If it would be helpful to see the whole .rc file, let me know and I'll post
it. It's fundamentally the same .rc file that goes out with the wilma


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