Re: removing a msg question

1998-09-24 15:22:12
On Thu, 24 Sep 1998, Steve wrote:

I'm fairly new to Mhonarc, but, I've got it up and running fairly smoothly.
 I'm having problems removing a message from the archive though.  I've
checked the msg id, and it's 319  (msg00319.html)

linux:~/MHonArc2.2.0$ mhonarc -rmm 00319
Removing messages from . ...
Warning: Message "319" not in archive

My normal command for updating the archive is:
mhonarc -add -outdir /home/mhonarc/public_html/archive /home/monarch/Mailbox

I think that
  mhonarc -rmm 00319 -outdir /home/mhonarc/public_html/archive
would make it.

Mats Dufberg                                  

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