stale lockfile

1998-09-24 14:29:11


I am finding that MHonArc is intermittantly leaving a lockfile around,
suggesting abnormal termination. I manually delete the file, and about
a day or two later it happens again. And again. 

The weird part is, I am archiving 100 identically configured lists,
and the problem consistantly (although intermittantly every few days)
only occurs for one list.

The list isn't my biggest, but it does have the high traffic (about 20
messages a day) and just shy of 20,000 messages archived. Larger list
archives (albeit with lower traffic these days) seem to be doing
fine. Only one MHonArc runs at a time, and I believe I have enough
system resources. I use -savemem and -add, along with a lot of other

Could I have a corrupt database? Do I need to rebuild it?
Any thoughts on trouble shooting? I haven't caught this behavior
during a manual run yet.


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