Re: Message thread links to wrong object

1998-10-05 14:43:32
On October 5, 1998 at 11:25, Tim McMahon wrote:

When there are follow-up messages in the bulletin board that stem from
an original, the follow-ups do not always link to the appropriate
[stuff deleted]

From the README:

    If it is a bug you are reporting, please include the following in
    your message:

        o  Version of Perl (can be retrievied by "perl -v").
        o  Version of the program (can be retrievied by "mhonarc -v").
        o  The operating system you are using (on Unix the output
           of "uname -a" is useful).
        o  The exact command-line used to invoke the program.
        o  Error/diagnostic messages from the program.
        o  Any other information that might prove useful (eg. input
           files, resource files, environment settings, etc).

Helps determine if it is a real bug or usage error.


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