Re: Message thread links to wrong object

1998-10-07 09:11:20
Thanks.  Closing those anchors has remedied the problem.  I appreciate the help.


Earl Hood wrote:

On October 6, 1998 at 08:50, Tim McMahon wrote:

o  The exact command-line used to invoke the program.

It is better to show the actual options passed to mhonarc.

o  Any other information that might prove useful (eg. input files, resource
files, environment settings, etc).
RCFILE follows

No "author" resource file was provided, but it should not be needed.

One problem is that you have an unclosed anchor in the LISTBEGIN and
THEAD resources.  Maybe using something like weblint on HTML output
will help detect these kinds of errors.  Errors like this can be hard
to spot manually within a resource file since resource file
syntax can confuse things.


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