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1998-10-07 19:46:29

Im fairly new to Perl/Mhonarc etc.. and I need some direction...

Basically what im trying to do is.

Make a searchable Archieve using mhonarc and glimpse and My own perl
The problem is i need to thread the messages, and have no idea on how the
message threading is worked out from Message-ID or References. So i want to
use mhonarc to only output the threading information so that i can let
people navigate thru the messages.

I was using glimpse on the output produced by Mhonarc, but the guy im
writing the program for doesnt want the HTML words to be found in the
Search! eg <title> <a href etc> :) fair enough.. but stuffs up my idea for
a simplistic search engine:)

Can some tell how this would be done, if it is possible.

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