Sudden Problem

1998-10-07 16:36:47

After successfully using MHonarc to archive mailing lists for the last four 
months, I was perusing my logs today and found the following error:

ERROR: Unable to create /home/www/rcairplanes/archives/nsrca//.mhonarc.lck 
after 10 tries

I notice a double slash before .mhonark.lck and wonder where to start looking.  
I use a trailing slash in my .procmailrc file 

I am using the following recipe for this particular list...

*^Resent-Sender: (_dot_)*nsrca-list-request(_at_)eskimo(_dot_)com
*^X-Mailing-List: (_dot_)*nsrca-list(_at_)eskimo(_dot_)com
*^X-Loop: (_dot_)*nsrca-list(_at_)eskimo(_dot_)com
:0 cw
| mhonarc -add -quiet -umask 022 -idxfname index.html -reverse -nogzipfiles 
-sort -treverse -expireage 2635200 -title "NSRCA List Archives" -ttitle "NSRCA 
List by Thread Posted in the Last 30 days" -outdir 
      * (^TO|^From).*nsrca-list


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