Location of <OtherIndexes> rc files (Enhancement req)

1998-10-07 13:35:54
I'd like to suggest a MHonArc enhancement to how the <OtherIndexes> rc 
files are located.  Currently, MHonArc simply uses the standard file 
lookup rules (current directory, path expansion, etc). It would be 
*Very* nice if MHonArc would use the calling rc file's directory as the 
current directory for files in the <OtherIndexes> resource.

My argument for this is that RC files are generally used across 
multiple archives. Currently, to centrally locate/maintain them (e.g. 
have a common layouts directory), a site specific path has to be put on 
the OtherIndexes files so that they can be located.  This enhancement 
would make rc files more portable between sites and archive directory 

Just trying to help make a great product better...

Greg Monroe                                E-mail: 
Center for Innovation in Global            Voice:  (919)660-7746 
   Business Education (CIGBE)              Fax:    (919)684-2818
Duke's Fuqua School of Business

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