Re: Location of <OtherIndexes> rc files (Enhancement req)

1998-10-09 13:27:01
On October 7, 1998 at 13:50, Greg Monroe wrote:

I'd like to suggest a MHonArc enhancement to how the <OtherIndexes> rc 
files are located.  Currently, MHonArc simply uses the standard file 
lookup rules (current directory, path expansion, etc). It would be 
*Very* nice if MHonArc would use the calling rc file's directory as the 
current directory for files in the <OtherIndexes> resource.

There is actually some work involved to support this.  The crux of
the problem is that the calling rc may have been specified with a
relative pathname.  In order to handle updates correctly, the
full pathname would need to be calculated and stored in the db so
otherindexes rc files can be located.  However, you now, indirectly,
use full pathnames.

An alternative solution is to utilize @INC.  This way, one can
use the PERLINC resource to specify directory locations of common
resource files.


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