1998-10-09 15:30:00
On October 9, 1998 at 04:56, Alan Jiang wrote:

I tried to use the resource variables TPrevLink and TNextLink. However,
when I run the mhonarc from command line, I got the following message:
Warning: Unrecognized variable: "SUBJECT(TNEXT)"
.Warning: Unrecognized variable: "MSG(TNEXT)"

I am using Mhonarc 2.1.0.

v2.1.0 does not support argument lists to resource variables.  That
is a feature of v2.3.  Either upgrade to v2.3 beta, or check the
documentation that comes with the distribution on what is applicable.
(note, v2.2.0 is the latest non-test release).

The MHonArc home page will always link to the latest documentation
set, which may not match the version you have installed on your


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