MHonArc v2.3.0 released

1998-10-11 13:09:48
MHonArc Users,

MHonArc v2.3.0 is now available for download from

For those that used the beta release, bugs fixed that were specific to
the beta release are listed in the CHANGES files after the other bug
fixes for v2.3.0.  Note, a few more non-beta bug fixes have been done
and are listed with the general bug fixes.  See the BUGS file for more
version-specific information.

Note, a few enhancements were added from the beta release.  The two
main ones are the addition of the MSGPGS and USELOCALTIME resources.
USELOCALTIME was added to resolve a behavioral problem with day
grouping in date indexes.  Also, some documentation fixes and FAQ
additions exist from the beta release.

Please direct comments/questions/problems to the MHonArc mailing list.


             Earl Hood              | University of California: Irvine
      ehood(_at_)medusa(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu      |      Electronic 
Loiterer | Dabbler of SGML/WWW/Perl/MIME

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