1998-10-12 13:14:48
I try to use <Treverse> along with resources <TNextLink> <TPrevLink>.
Following is part of the message customization in the resoruce file:
<li><strong>Previous Message:</strong>

<li><strong>Next Message:</strong>


I sent three messages to the list, which are test1, reply to test 1 and
test 2, respectively. However, the previous message link for test 1 points
to test2, and the next message link for test 2 points to test 1(and
there is no previous message link for test 2). I guess this is caused by
the mix of treverse and tnextlink, tprevlink, because if I don't use
treverse, all the links are correct. However, what I want is for the
message to be displayed in reverse chronological order while making the
links represent a chronological order (in my case, previous message link
should appear in test 2 and point to test 1, and the previous message link
for test 1 should not appear).
Is there any way to solve this problme.
Thanks for any suggestion.

Alan Jiang
Rutgers Accounting Research Center

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