Re: Trouble with MHonArc archiving robot and NTMail

1998-10-16 09:09:09
I'm new to MHonArc, but a long time user of NT, UNIX, and Perl.

I've been trying to get the referenced combination to work, and have 
followed the thread from January of this year (message #24 in January 
appears to be the most pertinent and comprehensive review of this issue, 
with the above subject.)

I've verified that NTmail does indeed create a valid RFC822 type message, 
and I can capture the output from NTmail to a file and process it from the 
command line on NT.  I've also verified the issue that Stephen Welch 
reported in that a .lck directory is created and that is as far as MHonArc 
gets when taking stdin from the SMTP server.

The messages from NTmail are indeed separated by a single period in the 
first position on a line, and that was the only way I was able to 
successfully get my test message extracted from the server -- I used the 
following chunk of Perl to pull the stdin as delivered by NTmail to a file:

 while(($input = <STDIN>) ne ".\n") {print OUTFILE $input;}
 close OUTFILE;

Nothing fancy, obviously, and it verifies the use of stdin.  I've tried 
setting MSGSEP to "^\.$" (and variants) but no joy.

Has *anyone* gotten this to work with NTmail?  I really like the looks of 
this program and would love to use it, but this is my final hurdle.  If I 
can't get over this one, I'm SOL...

Best & thanks,
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