Fwd: Program for monthly based MHonArc archives

1998-10-15 09:37:31
I received the following message via private mail.  It includes
a wrapper program to MHonArc to manage monthly-based archives
in manner similar to the various Procmail recipies posted to
the list.  Since the author states it is okay to pass along, I
I shall in-case anyone may have interest in it.

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Hi Earl,

Thanks for MHonArc!  I have used it in the past and am just now setting it
up again.  The first time I learned my lesson about high volume mail
archives getting out of hand.  This time I looked around to see if there
were any tools for automatically splitting the archives by month to keep
the size of the archives managable.  Not finding anything I added a
bit to your example from the FAQ and came up with this little perl wrapper
for MHonArc.   I am sure it could be improved greatly, but the code works
for me and is basically self documented.  Feel free to spread it around if
you think others might use it.

Thanks again,

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Thomas D. Simes                                   

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