MHonArc with many messages

1998-10-15 08:31:06

I have a mailinglist archive which has about 3000 mails in the archive at
the moment. 

The system is 486.

Well adding a new message to this list is quite SLOW.

Is there a way (or a tool) to split this thing into each month or
something like that ...

cause in one month there are about 1500 mails and i think this is ok ...

Thanx for any hint / answer ...
Please send any replay mails directly to this mail account


  Michael R. Reutlinger

      ! arago,                          Michael R. Reutlinger !
      ! Institut fuer komplexes         Support Engineer      !
      ! Datenmanagement GmbH            eMail: mulchi(_at_)arago(_dot_)de!
      ! Fichtestr. 12                                         !
      ! 60316 Frankfurt am Main   !
      ! Tel: +49-69-40568-0             Fax: +49-69-40568-111 !

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