Re: can messages end in .shtml?

1998-10-21 00:35:00
is there a way to have messages end in .shtml so that they can be processed
as a ssi?  also is it possible to change the default (maillist.html) to

Hi Mark,

   Check out the HTMLEXT resource.  i.e,


   And from the documentation:

      "WARNING! The value for HTMLEXT should not be changed after
       an archive is created. If you change the value of HTMLEXT,
       MHonArc will not be able to properly update an archive."

   Alternatively, you could do what I did -- just change your server to parse
   .html as SSI.  I use the XBitHack feature in Apache, so the execute bits
   determine whether or not the files are parsed and how to deal with 
   last-modified headers (I don't think Apache SSI provides one by default, so 
   if you're using the Apache defaults you can kiss caching goodbye).


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