Fwd: Contributed program for time period-based MHonArc archives

1998-10-25 14:25:29
MHonArc Users,

The following forwarded message contains a program written by a
user for creating/managing archives by a specified time period.

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On Thu, 15 Oct 1998, Earl Hood wrote:

I received the following message via private mail.  It includes
a wrapper program to MHonArc to manage monthly-based archives
in manner similar to the various Procmail recipies posted to
the list.  Since the author states it is okay to pass along, I
I shall in-case anyone may have interest in it.

I've written another wrapper which allows smaller or longer periods than a
month. The period is selected on the command line. (I use it for version
2.2. I haven't upgraded yet.)

Feel free to distribute my wrapper in any way.

Thank you for a good program.


Mats Dufberg                                  

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